Hate grabs violence. Violence grabs hate.

Hate is a condition of hidden or evident hostility towards people or situations. Hate is a human impulse; hate is an inhuman manner to deal with existence. Sure enough, it is a force human being can resort to, but it totally clashes with the very principles of rationality and civility that distances men from rationality. Indeed, human beings can choose, and the power to choose is what makes a man free, and the power to change is the choice that makes a man more human.

Hate implies a desire of domination or subjugation of the other. It means denial and intentional elimination. To hate is to reject pluralism and diversity. Indeed, those who hate instead of love are those who disown the notion of social justice and egalitarianism.

Hate is to not accept mutual recognition but expect for self-affirmation. Therefore, hate is not only hated. Hate is a slow transition, a path of personal involution. It can start from the need of supremacy. It can start from the need of centrality. Thus, it can start from the claim for the universality of someone’s certainties.

Then, hate can be easier than love, and it is losing our personal control. Whereas in hating, men lose their contact with reality by going against principles of ethics and morals. This could mean that hate is to forget that human beings have reciprocal ontological duties, it breaks proximity and it would only have a look of hostility towards the world. Hate can be spread over lost souls, over those who are insecure, unsure, troubled.

Violence is an expression of a weak side to us, Paul Ricoeur’s says that “Violence is meant as a broad term referring to any practice in which persons are instrumentalized for an alien or fragmenting teleological purpose”. Violence is a physical and a verbal manifestation of hate. Violence is the moment in which hate takes a form and is being disseminated. Violence becomes the extreme version of hate. It even becomes the extreme justification of hate. Indeed, the language of violence generally is a self-defence, meaning that those who resort to violence are those who feel entitled to do it. This leads people to become the mechanic product of their own actions. They get dragged by violence itself in a vicious circle; “He who spreads hate grasps violence. He who spreads violence grasps hate.”

Then the question would be, “Do we have a clear idea of what violence is?” By Maddalena Migliori

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