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Hip hop scene mapping in Amman 2010

Hip Hop Nafitha (2010) documentary.

Hip Hop Nafitha documentary (2010) maps the hip-hop scene in Amman in 2010, if you are interested to know which scene Amman had then (and perhaps still until today), which topics, which rappers among other elements within the hip-hop scene; Nafitha documentary gives an idea. By then, the documentary was asking if “hip-hop” is a movement or not?… a worldwide movement and how hip-hoppers, their audiences, and fans are deal with this form of art and engage with their lyrics.

Back in 2010, all of the interviewed rappers and hip-hop crews were at their beginnings. Appeared in the documentary Aziz Maraka, a Jordanian artist most famous for his first songs “ya bent alnas, translates; hey girl” and “rajouni a Amman, translates; take me back to Amman” among many other popular songs until today. It is worth mentioning that Aziz is a founder for Bands Across Borders (BAB) which is basically to brings together “multi-cultural” bands and musicians to perform together from the alternative music scene. You may also follow them on their Facebook page 

Also appeared Tareq Abu Kwaik (El-Far3i), which he used to be the drummer and co-written and a co-performed couple of influencing songs such as “That Al-Ard, translates; underground” with Al-Morabba’a band; 


before he joined and co-formed a new entity called Soul 47 http://47soul.com/ based in London and they perform an electro-mijwiz shamstep (Dabkeh). Listen to Soul 47 here:

Also appeared “Torabyah’s group, translates to sand”  which released “Ghorba, translates to strangers/foreigners” and a segment of their video clip and song were used by Benjamin Netanyahu election campaign’s video in January/February 2015 with a slogan conveying the message that “labor will bring ISIS to Jerusalem”. Torabyeh immediately filed a lawsuit and released a statement declaring that they do not accept associating their name with either Netanyahu nor ISIS which lead to Youtube to remove the video.



Torabyeh does not have much of action in the hip-hop scene nowadays, nevertheless, Kaz Al-Ummam, a lead singer is continuing as a rapper, watch his video clip “Dahab, translates to Gold” here:


We can say that the alternative music scene in Jordan is doing very well although it is still challenging to be able to have a vibrant music scene where concerts and musical events could be all the year long. Nevertheless, the “independent musical” scene in the Arabic region and in Jordan specifically is existing strongly and is making an influence. One of the questions we keep asking and brainstorming about; to what extent we would be able to make art for the sake of development, and in most often cases, some are confusing or thinking that it is already enough to have art for the sake of art?.

Well, it could be to have art for art purposes only, but, when art becomes a luxury for those who can afford it then we might have an issue here. But still, do we really have art for development? I am one of those who believe actually in that, but, since I am already working on the ground, I know how challenging is that could be. First, we need to have artists who share this vision with us (workers in development sector) and also together to be able to make art, culture, and creativity as a way of providing “alternatives” for those who are not even considering, dealing with, nor consuming art. 

Suha Ayyash