Nobel Peace Prize winners around the world

Nobel Peace Prize winners around the world

On the occasion of the recent announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize winners of 2018, we have created an interactive global map. The map allows you to explore the world of Nobel Peace Prize laureates through history, learn about their efforts and battles, and hopefully be inspired to work for peace yourself.

The map shows that prize winners have been from all around the world, representing an incredible variety of backgrounds. This is a reminder that peace can be promoted anywhere, at any time, by anyone.

To see the full version of the map, access this link.

To know more about a winner, simply click the waypoint icon with her or his face. You can also find a chronological list of all winners on the bottom right side of the map. Click the name of the winner you want to get to know better. There is also a search bar above the list, making it easy for you to navigate directly to the person, organization or year you are interested in.

By Johanne Kalsaas

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