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The Law of Attraction

One of these concepts is karma, whose basic rule is as simple as that if an individual carries out a good action life will bring them something good in return as a consequence.

The Law of Attraction 

Every culture in the world has its own beliefs, traditions, and morals. However, despite the differences, there are referents shared among all of them. One of these concepts is karma, whose basic rule is as simple as that if an individual carries out a good action life will bring them something good in return as a consequence. On the other hand, if a person takes a bad action or has bad intentions towards someone they will end up suffering the consequences and they will pay the same or similar ‘price’ for it.

Another shared idea is that of the focus and the attraction of what we desire. Perhaps more than one has experienced how when we become interested in a specific subject we begin to receive much more information about it or we see ourselves involved in contexts related to it. In other words, we are attracting something that even if it seemed to be inexistent suddenly comes to us as if by magic. However, the most curious fact is that the mysterious force that allows this governs our lives from the very moment we are born until the end of our days independent from if we are aware of it or not. And what is even more intriguing is that we can consciously change the direction of our lives and bring everything we want to our daily reality.

In order to use the law of attraction we just need to follow several steps that, if well applied, will completely blow our mind. We can compare this force with an order in a restaurant or an online purchase. We just have to ask for it and wait for the delivery. When we use the law of attraction we are accessing an unlimited source of energy to which we can have access independent from our location, nationality, color, language, income, etc. One of the most surprising things of the law of attraction is that we can make our dreams come true either them being material things, money, relationships, situations, lifestyles, specific things… On the other hand, it can also bring us all the problems we can imagine. The law of attraction does not discriminate between good or bad, but it just gives us what we are attracting with our thoughts, intentions, and attitude. In the beginning, you may be skeptical about the law of attraction. In that case, it is recommended to start with small things that can be easy to get. After seeing the results for the first time we can start using the law of attraction to ask for bigger things. Here are the clues to use to properly use the law of attraction:

  1. Know what you desire: the first thing we have to do is to think of something we really want to get and pay big attention to it. For this, it is very important to not let ourselves be influenced by any negative thoughts that may arise. The law of attraction only works if we are truly convinced that it works. If we have doubts or are skeptical, those doubts will manifest in real life. That is why it is very important to ignore negative thoughts, overcome them and focus on the positive ones, which are the ones that will eventually bring us what we want. To make a ‘request’ we need to exactly now what we desire. If we think of general concepts it is difficult for them to manifest in our lives. However, if we are really specific it is much more probable that what we desire becomes true. Remember that the force that activates the law of attraction is the vibration of our emotions. So the clue is to REFLECT ON WHAT YOU EXACTLY WANT FOR ONE OR TWO MINUTES PUTTING EMOTIONS INTO THE IMAGES YOU SEE IN YOUR MIND. It is basic to clearly visualise what you wish. After you have finished your process of visualization you can always reinforce it by telling a sentence to yourself or pronouncing a phrase like “Today I will attract”.


  1. Believe: after making your order it is essential to actually BELIEVE THAT WHAT YOU REQUESTED IS ALREADY IN ITS WAY. For that, you cannot allow having the slightest doubt that sooner or later you will end up having it. If you think that you do not deserve what you are wishing you won’t get it if you do not trust in the law of attraction it also will not work. Doubts will manifest more doubts, negativeness will attract negativeness and the more you let yourself be carried away by your negative thoughts and by your insecurities the less chance you will have for your dreams come true. Do not forget to attach your emotions to it and feel what you want. Several minutes is enough to attract what you want. However, you must act as if you already have, like when you shop something online and you are happy because you will have it soon.


  1. Practice gratitude: another key step is to BE GRATEFUL WITH WHAT YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR LIFE. To practice gratitude and love and generally a positive attitude will definitely increase the chances you have to obtain results after your ‘demand.’ You have to take into account that the way that this thing will come into reality must not be direct and may arrive at you in form of little clues that you may have to follow or pieces you will have to put together in order to arrive at the result. Even it being like that, you have to be thankful and now that eventually, your ‘delivery’ will come in the right moment. Thus you will have to understand that all the pieces are getting ready to eventually give you what you desired.


  1. Your desire comes true: when you least expect it and if you followed all the previous steps YOUR WISH WILL EVENTUALLY COME TRUE. At that moment you will understand that you have strong power and that you can decide which path your life will take. At the same time, once you have tried once and know that it is for real, you will have more faith for the next time and you will know how to use the best way to make your dreams true.


This big secret was made public in a big scale after the publication of the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. When we consciously use the law of attraction we can bring to our lives and to our closest environment whatever we want. This power to which we all can access must be spread, as the more people know it, try and practice it the most chances we will have to work for a more happy society.

Mario Fernández

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