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You were born to be yourself!

You were born to be yourself!

You are who you are due to 400 trillion coincidences; in 2011, Dr. Ali Binazir illustrated how precious and unique each human life is by presenting the little possibility of being born as you, calculated at about one in 400 trillion. This research shows the possibility of you being born at the time and on the place you were born with your particular mother and father, and with a particular genetic mix.

As Dr. Binazir research claimed “looking at the odds of my parent’s meeting, considering how many men and women there are on Earth and how many people of the opposite sex my mother and father could possibly meet in their first twenty-five years of life. Then I looked at the chances of them talking, of meeting over and over again, of starting a long-term relationship, of having kids together, and of the right egg and the right sperm combining to make me. I went further back to look at the probability of all my descendants successfully mating, and of all the right sperm meeting all the right eggs to make each one of those ancestors.”

This study can be seen as a simple research, but it also can be taken into consideration in favor of human diversity acceptance. Human diversity is a very big topic which to talk about. It can be reached for very different points of views and it can show a very big range of different opinions. However, all of them have to be respected.

In this case, it is interesting to highlight the relation between Dr. Ali Binazir theory and human diversity. Dr. Binazir study focuses on an abiogenetic example to defend that each of us should be accepted and should respect the others within any of our daily life situations since we are all UNIQUE and born under a very big amount of coincidences and circumstances.

Regarding Dr. Binazir theory, both mathematics and genetics, show what for most of us it is difficult to explain or impossible to defend. How can you explain the acceptance of human diversity when this world suffers from racism and all kinds of discrimination every day? How to explain that we are all born the same when violence still exists towards those who share different opinions?

In a world where many times, probably too many, human diversity is banded and attacked, it is necessary to remember Dr. Ali Binazir message: how lucky we are to be each other and how much we need to accept and respect the others since we are all UNIQUE.

We all come from different cultures and we all have different religions, we all speak different languages and have different ways of thinking. We are all different because from 400 trillion possible circumstances, we were born as we did, and no one has ever been like us either no one else will never be like us. Consequently, if all of us are different, we should show a positive attitude towards diversity and, at the same time, we are all created to be respected. We are not more or less than others, we are just unique.

Nowadays, discriminatory traditions, policies, ideas, practices, and laws exist in many countries and institutions in every part of the world, including in territories where discrimination is generally looked down upon. However, they are not always respected and taken into real life. Still, we can say, that many communities in the world are suffering from racism and unpretentiousness every day.

Quoting the former South African president and Nobel Prize recipient Nelson Mandela…

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, his background or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can also be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart that its opposite”.

We should love and respect each other taking into consideration human diversity and in order to avoid any kind of discrimination or racist action towards others. We are all born the same, regardless of our background. Therefore, we can all affection, as well as learn revulsion.

This article would be a practical invitation for its readers to consider acceptance of human diversity in order to rise above discrimination and racism, as well as to make active inclusion in how to practice humbleness every day in our daily activities and to act in our daily intention.

“The chances that you exist at all are almost zero”

Taking Dr. Ali Binazir research into an encouraging point of view and leaving theories and quotes aside, we can accept that every one of us is a miracle that comes true. Accept that our existence is a mixture of daily feelings and there are all sorts of things you can focus your energy and willingness on. Sometimes it is just a matter of making up your mind to be happy and from there never look back. Some will help you feel good and others will make you feel bad, but the choice is yours. You have to decide what you want to give your attention to, in order to realize that, you hold the key to your own happiness and to share happiness with the others, do not waste it!

Marina Paul